Rev. Dr. Roger P. Richardson - Pastor


A note from the pastor

Who am I? I am a person who loves people! I love all kinds of people. No matter who they are, where they come from, or where life has taken them, I am ready to serve them with all that God has given to me. I am so happy that you have come upon our church's web site and have found your way to my page. I would consider it an honor and a privilege to meet you and to know you and to serve you as your friend and pastor. So come on! You will always be welcome! You will always be respected! You will always be considered an honored person in our midst! I do look forward to meeting you personally, forging a friendship and becoming your partner in your life's mission and ministry for Christ's sake.  I pray that you will find that with us; that you will be inspired, engaged, and fullfillled in a way that spirituallly sustains your "BEST LIFE." I believe that life is always lived better when we live it in love and service. I want to do just that with you and with all of the people who come here and join with the people who are Lakeside Church. Check out our music section and the recorded music from each week in the media section. Our music program is outstanding!  I know you will love it! Children are always welcome in our growing youth ministry. Equally important, we have an active mission program and are making a real difference in so many lives. Come and see Lakeside Church. I know that you will feel right at home here.



Rev. Dr. Roger P. Richardson


P.S.  If you would like more details of where I have studied and where I and how I have served in ministry, keep reading below. 

Pray with me: 

God of wonder-filled love, hold us in that place that is most tender right now; give us clarity of thought that we might not forget that you are active; fully present God in our lives even when it's hard to see beyond the shadows. Be tangible, God; be merciful, God; be You, God, the You that sees beyond our faults and responds to our deepest needs. 

We trust You for everything in every time and in every place for You are always with us. It is in the name of Jesus that we pray this prayer as believers and through this web site in the company of believers known to You as Lakeside Presbyterian Church. We wish to have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with You, with others and even with ourselves for Jesus sake. AMEN.


 A more complete CV will be forthcoming.

Dr. Richardson is an Ohio native and currently working with Knox Fellowship – an evangelism centered organization. He is married to Debora and has three children. Dr. Richardson has degrees and graduate studies at Seminaries in Pittsburgh, Princeton, Univ. of Edinburgh (Scotland), McCormick in Chicago. He has served churches in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Florida, Scotland and Brazil and as a middle governing body executive in Central Florida Presbytery


Mark Aliapoulios, Director of Music Ministries

Kimberlee Aliapoulios, Assistant Director of Music Ministries

Mark Aliapoulios has been the Director of Music Ministries at Lakeside since the fall of 2006 and brings a versatility to worship in both traditional and contemporary contexts. His zeal for Jesus Christ is reflected in the desire to see the aesthetics of worship music impact culture.

He made his debut with the Boston Symphony at age 25 (on the same program as cellist, Yo Yo Ma). He has been heard in The Cleveland Orchestra, the Opera Company of Boston, The Shinsei Nippn Symphony (Tokyo), and the Athens Festivals. He has served as faculty at several major universities such as: Boston University, University of Miami, Florida Atlantic, New England Conservatory and served as Chair of Vocals at Palm Beach Atlantic from 2002-2006. In addition to his role as professor, he is currently Artistic Director and principal conductor of The Choral Society of the Palm Beaches.

He is married to Kimberlee and they have six children. Kimberlee serves as the Assistant Music Director at Lakeside.   


Amy Mohammed, Church Office Administrator




Jan Monroe, Church Custodian


Tom Hobbs, Treasurer, 




Fran Thew, Clerk of Sessions,  



Christa Tiedge, Moderator of Board of Deacons