Family Education Program


Family Education Program

Lakeside Family Education Narrative Report May 2017

by Janice Hobbs

Parents and students continue to make excellent progress. Our last 8 week session before summer break has focused on helping parents understand the importance of learning together during the summer vacation. Parents have learned how they can help their children by setting up daily reading, art activities, Table Talk and play. Each family will take home a SUMMER HOMEWORK PACKET with assignments, books, materials and ideas on how to talk with their families. All the directions are in Spanish and English and parents are encouraged to do the activities in both languages.
Each family will have:
Family Meal Time – “Table Talk”/ “Charla de Mesa”
Pío Peep! Book and CD – Rimas tradicionales en español
Happy Birthday, Cupcake book - El libro, Feliz cumpleaños, Cupcake
6 Scholastic NEWS magazines (including online access with games and videos)

Parents are concerned about how much time their children spend on electronics, but feel unequipped to do homework and English language activities with their children. Here are some of activities they have practiced in class and will use with their families over the summer.

Families made puppets and presented "shows".


Parents learned to use Homework Points to setup a "store" to buy items for completion of homework and chores.

Our preschool teacher taught children and parents about metamorphosis and we watched our caterpillar change into a butterfly and fly away. Parents will encourage children to go outside every day and enjoy our beautiful world.