The Ministers

The ministers of Lakeside Presbyterian Church are its members and those who worship as the “priesthood of believers” (1 Peter 2:9-10). Those who are baptized in Christ are the servant people of God. Our ministers participate in regular worship and give faithfully of their time, talent, and treasure, as well as pray fervently for one another and the mission of the church community.

The Session
At Lakeside, the Session is composed of three classes of elders that serve a three-year term. Our next Congregational vote for new leadership is at the end of January, 2017. 

Class of 2017


Nancy Anthony        Nancy Beggrow       Mary Alice Pugh

Class of 2018


 Martha Musgrove       Fran Thew              Heather Floyd               Nancy Jones

Class of 2019


Mark Alston                Paget Critchett              

Not Pictured: Ken Woodcum

Clerk of Session – Fran Thew 

Since the early first century, the elders have been the spiritual and governing leadership of the local congregation (1 Timothy 3; Titus 1). At Lakeside, the Session is composed of faithful men and women who have been elected by the congregation to oversee the direction of the church along with a teaching elder (normally the pastor).

The Session has responsibility for governing the congregation and guiding its
witness to the sovereign activity of God in the world, so that the congregation is and becomes a community of faith, hope, love, and witness.

In light of this charge, the Session has responsibility and power to provide that the Word of God may be truly preached and heard, provide that the sacraments may be rightly administered and received, and to nurture the covenant community of disciples of Christ.  (Book of Order, G-3.0201)


Board of Deacons


Maureen Alston        Harlan Carroll     Helen Martin      Deborah Morgan


Christa Tiedge    Diana Walton         Barbara Strickland         


Paula Hanser       Gail Howell                 Cathy Robinson, Moderator



The ministry of deacon according to the New Testament is one of compassion, witness, service, “a person of good repute and full of faith and the Holy Spirit” (Acts 6:3) who shares in the redeeming love of Jesus Christ. At Lakeside this includes various aspects of community care. The ministry of deacons is carried out under the supervision and authority of the session. (Book of Order, G-2.0201, G-2.0202)

At Lakeside, deacons are elected by the congregation and commissioned by the session for a two year term.