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Lakeside’s Unexpected Year – And It’s Only September

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Life here at Lakeside in sunny South Florida is usually pretty sweet. Having to take out the umbrella when walking from the car into the church is usually the only thing that breaks our stride.

But let’s be honest – the past year at Lakeside has been a lot more eventful than usual.

First, on November 2nd of last year, our wonderful secretary, Rachele Scholes, was on a date with a man and they were riding her motorcycle on Dixie Highway. A car made a left-hand turn in front of them, obviously not seeing them, and the car slammed right into their motorcycle.

Rachele went on to be with the Lord two days later, on Sunday, November 4th. Her funeral was held at Beth Israel Memorial Chapel in Boynton Beach.

She was a really cool secretary, too, being a local celebrity – having been a news reporter on our local NBC station for many years. Tania Rogers from WPTV Channel 5 interviewed Pastor Jack Noble in our church’s sanctuary about her, and they showed her Lakeside desk and his interview on the news.

So right in the beginning of the Christmas season, we’re not only reeling from losing Rachele, but we also suddenly have no secretary. Jack probably took on too much work by himself during that phase, but he did a great job as always.

Interestingly, we found Rachele in the first place because she’s friends with one of our members, Maureen Alston. In a neat twist, Jack hired Maureen’s sister, Kerry, in early February as our new secretary.

But just a few days later, on Valentine’s Day, the Rev. Noble was visiting a church member at the Boca Raton Regional Hospital, and he had a heart attack right there in the parking lot. Jack went on to be with the Lord several days later, on Monday, February 18th. That was Kerry’s first day, too.

After a magnificent memorial service for Jack that was fit for a king – complete with a procession of dozens of Presbyterian ministers from across the Presbytery of Tropical Florida – the presbytery fast-tracked our ability to hire a new minister more quickly than usual, and so we hired the Rev. Roger Richardson in May. Kerry meanwhile had resigned due to family reasons, so we hired yet another new secretary, Amy Mohammed – a recent graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University, a Christian college just up the road from Lakeside.

Whew. What a year.

The Lord always opens a door for His followers whenever He gently closes another door, so here we are – with new people on the team at Lakeside, a new website, and a loyal and stable membership that’s growing with more people even as you read this!

It’s a new day at Lakeside, and we hope to see you Sunday!

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