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The Man For All Seasons

We have two e-pamphlets to help you on your spiritual journey:


First, no matter where you are on life’s journey, or the season of your life, Jesus will walk with you whatever lies ahead pain or joy; tears or laughter; despair or hope. This e-pamphlet is for you to experience the love of God found in Jesus Christ our Lord no matter what! It is titled: “JESUS CHRIST  --  THE MAN FOR ALL SEASONS” by famed preacher and pastor Rev. Dr. Charles Webster.


The second is an e-pamphlet titled “PRAYER WORKS and IT CAN WORK FOR YOU”. This is a step-by-step way to develop an on going relationship with your God and experience or recover a rich, blessed, rewarding and continuing communication with a God who watches over you and unconditionally loves you. Enjoy your “God Walk”! 

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