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ChriSTMAS 2023

Choral Society A Holiday to Remember.jpg

Christmas for the Blind

On December 9, the School for the Blind and Deaf hosted a party for handicapped students complete with a blind Santa Claus! These children are often left our of holiday parties.


Christmas Luncheon

Sharing a meal together in fellowship and celebration of our church family is always a blessing and a joy. December 10 was a chili cookoff!


The True Meaning of Christmas

The Sunday School classes and Axios youth put together a presentation of carols and scriputre to tell the story of the night of the Christ Child's birth.


Choral Society Performance

The Choral Society presented Wonder and Delight, a holiday concert, at Lakeside on December 16&17. What a wonderful celebration of the music of the Christmas season!

Choral Society 2.jpg

Lakeside Tinsel Town

A photo opportunity for the community in our sleigh (Santa came for photos on Christmas Eve), Satnta's mail box (children received replies from Santa, and artificail snow!

Richardson family in sleigh.jpg

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.

The lights dim, the candle flame is passed from person to person as we all sing "Silent Night!" What a moving service on the night of our Savior's birth.

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