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Christian Education

Christian Education 

We encourage you to find educational groups that share your interests and help you connect with others in a meaningful manner.  Discipleship is a never-ending journey as we continually strive to learn more of God’s love and guidance and His will for our lives.  The Christian Education Ministry at Lakeside serves a vital purpose of promoting growth and learning for all ages throughout the church year. We thank all who have assisted throughout the year.  Lives have been changed as God’s love shines through us all.   


Childrens Sunday School

Our Youth Sunday School leaders, Alexis and Lauren, are truly amazing as they adapted to an ever-changing way of reaching our students. The children meet for Sunday School at 9:30am each Sunday where they learn about the Bible and how to live as disciples for Christ. Both Alexis and Lauren have experience teaching in the public school system and bring a wide variety of activities including scripture reading, crafts, storytelling and physical activities to help maintain the interest of their students and emphasize the importance of having a relationship with Jesus, learning to share His love with others and to seek His guidance in all they do

Youth Group

In addition to Sunday school, our middle and senior high schoolers meet on Friday Nights at 6:30 pm where they share a meal and are nurtured through ever-growing Friday evening Youth Group gatherings. They enjoy many opportunities to attend retreats and community events and activities with neighboring church groups.  The parents have been maintaining the youth program while a search for a new youth leader is underway.

Youth Group Bowling.JPG

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is always highlight for our children and youth and this year was no exception. As part of the transition from a world of Covid, this past summer was once again delivered in an unconventional, nonetheless impactful, one-day format in conjunction with Faith Presbyterian Church.  With our interest in keeping everyone safe and at respectful distances while enjoying all the scripture lessons, crafts, music and fellowship one could pack into one day, our Vacation Bible School Day welcomed about 20 young participants and volunteer teen and adult facilitators as they learned that with the power of the Holy Spirit, they can “Make Waves:” and change the world.

The impact of these experiences on each of our children will continue its positive effect throughout their lifetimes.

Adult Sunday School

The Adult Sunday School Meets at 9:30 amon Sunday mornings. In the fall, Sylvia and Christa led the adults in an exploration of religions around the world looking for similarities in beliefs and life’s lessons as well as the ways they differ in their perception of the divine. Ben started 2023 with a video course in understanding addiction and how Christians can deal with this disease in their own lives or the lives of the people they love.

Men’s Prayer Breakfast 

The Men’s Prayer Breakfast Fellowship meets every month with delicious breakfasts prepared by Ben and David at 8:00 am on the third Wednesday of each month.  In addition to delicious food and wonderful fellowship, the men share personal prayer requests and lift up those and all others on the church prayer list. 


This year the men took on a special project to be enjoyed by the church family as well as the community as they built the elements for our Lakeside Tinsel Town.  This labor of love was accompanied by music and artificial snow to make it a wonderful holiday occasion.

Women’s Bible Luncheons

The ladies meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays at 11:30 for a “Bring Your Own Lunch” fellowship and Bible study. Following lunch, the ladies participate in a Bible Study suing videos by the Bible Project to get the conversation rolling,  

This year the ladies decided to undertake a holiday project of converting outdated hymnals to angels and selling them to help with the cost of Christmas trees and decorations.

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